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Slope House With A Roof Terrace

Studio EON has crowned this house in South Korea with a sloping surface that doubles as the building’s roof and facade. The project is located on a gentle slope in the mountain topography of the city of Wonju and comprises three volumes divided under the sloping roof. This pays homage to the slope of Kam-Ak Mountain on the site.

Studio EON has designed a terrace on the sloping roof that faces the eastern mountains of the region and offers residents a spectacular view. In the plan, the house consists of three volumes, which are arranged in such a way that they face the driveway and thus invite visitors. As the region is one of the coldest areas in South Korea, the compact quantities also contribute to the energy efficiency of the project.

Points at which the roof is connected to the wall form several canopies, eaves, balconies and courtyards, all of which act as transition spaces between inside and outside. While the north facade has only limited openings, the south facade has larger openings through which daylight can enter the interior. In addition, part of the roof extends to the living room and forms an eaves that filters the summer sunlight.

The terrace on the second floor, connected by both the outer spiral staircase and the inner staircase, offers an unobstructed view of the region. The very large terrace allows residents to enjoy the view to the east, especially at sunrise, while framing the surrounding landscape and bringing nature into the house.

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