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Slip Chair With Wonky Legs

How do you make an ordinary chair interesting and eye-catching? Let it slide! Snarkitecture designed a chair for the Portuguese brand UVA that has a wooden frame that appears to slide on its side or sink into the floor.

Snarkitecture designed the slip chair to appear unusable, giving it a wobbly structure with a marble seat. The frame is made of white ash wood, and to counteract its crooked frame, the piece of stone that forms the seat was cut diagonally – to level out its surface.

The seemingly opposing elements of the chair are offset by the monolithic volume of the stone. The chair rotates around two axes and the proposed discontinuity of the sliding forms hides the complete stability of the slip. Every chair that is made in the craft workshops is numbered and certified as a fully handmade product. While the first iteration of the chair is made of white ash and black marble, the brand plans to bring out different versions using a range of materials, but also these. This chair will be a great fit and even a show stopper for any modern space. Enjoy!

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