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Skinny Tiles In Bathrooms

Thin tiles are a modern home decor trend – bathrooms, kitchens, and other spaces are perfect for mid-century modern, contemporary, and minimalist spaces. We’ve already shared some ideas for dressing your kitchen backsplash with thin tile, and now it’s time to take a look at the bathrooms. Thin tiles in bathrooms can be used anywhere – in sink, bathtub and shower areas, on walls and floors, and can also be combined with other types of tiles. Here are a few ideas.

Thin tiles with patterns

If you have thin and long tiles, you can easily dress them up with patterns! The most popular idea is to incorporate chevron patterns into your bathroom decor. They embellish any room with any style – this pattern goes well with any bathroom decor. You can choose brightly colored thin tiles or neutral or black and match the grout or use contrasting grout to make the patterns stand out even more. Create a chevron pattern of thin tiles on the floor, wall, sink, or shower area to make them more visible.

Thin tiles clad without a pattern

Dress up your thin tiles horizontally or vertically if you don’t want a special pattern. Use them on the walls, on the floor, in the shower room, and anywhere you want – thin tiles look catchy on their own and you don’t need anything special to give them a bold touch. Use contrast grout if you want to highlight the thin tiles and combine them with mosaic tiles in your bathroom. Thin tiles look cool even with hexagonal tiles – they contrast with their shapes and make each other look bolder and more dramatic.

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