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Skinny Tile Backsplashes

We’ve seen a lot of tiles for kitchen splashbacks before: fish scales and subways, glossy and matte, light and neutral, dark and mosaic, and today we’re going to show you another idea that’s just getting trending and that is thin tile. Thin tiles are long and thin, they can be clad vertically, horizontally, or even in patterns. Choosing them will give you a longer installation and still have a very catchy and unusual look that is not often seen in kitchens. Do you want to be inspired? Let me share some cool ideas.

Skinny tile backsplashes

Thin tiles can be clad either horizontally or vertically. It depends on the look you want – more traditional with a horizontal backsplash or more modern with vertical tiles. You can choose a suitable color – neutral or dark to make your kitchen decor stand out, or add a light touch to the room with brightly colored, thin tiles of the shade you like. This will be a bright touch in your room. Then choose Grout: Contrast to make your backsplash stand out, or Matching to make it clear. Skinny tile backsplashes go with many different kitchen styles, but I would recommend modern and contemporary styles more than others.

Thin tiles in patterns

Thin tiles can be made even more catchy by dressing them up in certain patterns – chevron or whatever you like. Pick any color and keep the grout matching to make your kitchen a little more interesting, or go for contrasting grout to highlight your backsplash and add a pattern to the kitchen. Such a backsplash easily goes with many kitchen styles, from modern farmhouse to vintage, and will accentuate your space.

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