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Skateboard Decks Chair

Reusing things can produce unique results, especially when those things are completely different. Can you imagine that skateboard decks can become fine furniture? Board: Chair by I’m: Board is just beautiful. Board: Chair was designed for relaxation and daydreaming and uses sustainable bamboo skateboard decks to create ergonomic furniture in the Scandinavian tradition.

With a Danish birch wood frame and optional New Zealand wool upholstery, Board: Chair is a playful interpretation of the legendary Danish chairs. It is handcrafted in Denmark in collaboration with carpenters and shows the competence of furniture manufacturing and the love for natural materials.

Board: Chair was designed by Kasper Bugge Møller and is timeless and classic – and comfortable. The curvature of the pieces creates an inviting frame so the chair looks and feels great. The base is left in a natural wood finish, but the upholstery is colorful: the piece is available in black, white, plum, and orange, and a matching footstool can be added. Modern comfort and style for your living room with Board: Chair!

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