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Side Table Pyramidal Shape

Geometric furniture and designs are becoming increasingly popular. Such pieces fit most decor styles and add an eye catcher to the room. If you’re looking for a cool piece of this type, today’s item is for you: we’re sharing a side table called VAI by designer Minseong Kim.

The piece is constructed with geometric precision and its enigmatic shape is calculated using a standard tetrahedral formula to achieve a minimalist aesthetic with maximum stability. This pyramid shape is robust and light at the same time. The ability to nest reduces storage space requirements and takes into account different spatial requirements – isn’t it ideal for a small space?

VAI is available in the colors blue, red and black and has several cuts so that the tables can be stacked on top of one another if necessary. The piece has a very cool sculptural yet functional shape that easily fits into a modern or minimalist space. Get a few of these in the colors you like – blue, red or black, or mix them up however you want and enjoy!

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