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Shiplap In Your Home Decor

Shiplap is on the rise thanks to farmhouse and rustic decor styles that are very much on trend now. But what is shiplap anyway? Shiplap is a wooden plank commonly used outdoors in sheds and barns, as well as siding. Each board is milled and connects closely to the next, creating a distinctive line between the individual layers.

Shiplap can be used as wall cladding, ceiling decor or even to cover the floors. It is a very versatile material that can be used anywhere. Such a decor can be used throughout the house and in any room. But remember that in bathrooms it should be treated against moisture. If you want to try this home decor idea and are looking for inspiration, look no further, it’s there!

Shiplap in smaller doses

Shiplap can be used in smaller doses in your home decor: just on an accent wall or in place of a headboard in your bedroom. It gives the room comfort, texture and an inviting feeling. If you have a smaller room that you want to add some interest to, paint it either a more dramatic dark or light color: navy, black, gray, pink, or any other shade. Such an accent wall will make your kitchen, wall unit, home office or any other room stand out, and you can make the ship’s hatch even more noticeable vertically.

Shiplap everywhere

Shiplap throughout the room, especially painted white, feels airy and very inviting. It’s very topical for attic spaces – cover all the walls and ceilings and your space will appear much larger and full of light. You can add warmth and cosiness to the room by choosing sand and earth tones for the ship, or going completely black or dark blue, as atmospheric rooms are very popular and trendy.

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