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Shared Nurseries Baby Toddler

Many young families with a toddler today are choosing to have another child, and if you don’t have a separate room for him or her, it’s time to make your kindergarten shared! Designing a space like this can be a little tricky because your children are different ages and have different needs. If you have enough space, divide the space into an area for toddlers and babies. Put a cot and changing table in the baby room and a bed for your toddler in the room. Also, share their toys, as some can be dangerous to babies from toddlers. Be inspired by the following ideas and create a wonderful space for your little ones!

Styles and color schemes

Will it be a moody room or a more basic one? If you want something whimsy, choose a theme for the room – some cartoons, animated films, characters and other things can inspire you to create a room. If you want something more common, choose a style: rustic, Scandinavian, modern, contemporary, minimalist, farmhouse and so on. When it comes to colors, neutrals always work well, and pastels make the room cuter and softer. Dramatic shades are not very popular in children’s rooms, they make them appear too bold, but some bright details here and there will lighten up the room.


The most important things you will need are two beds – a cot and a toddler bed. To create a cohesive space, you can use suitable ones, while contrasting pieces help you visually divide the space. Storage furniture is also required, and a stylish dresser and wardrobe will do. A changing table is welcome for the baby and some chairs and armchairs are cool for the parents.


Since this is a child’s room, you will need lots of toys that will also become part of the decor, and you can create gallery walls with works of art or photos of children, hang brightly colored bunting and garlands, bright lamps and lampshades, and spice up the room with colorful and printed textiles. Have fun!

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