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Secluded Country Minimalist House

Timothee Mercier from Studio XM has reconstructed an old and uninhabitable farm in the south of France and turned it into a remote country residence. The MA House apartment is designed as an intimate getaway in the hills. The new building respects the location and the architectural history of the region and has retained the proportions of the old farmhouse in terms of floor space and shell.

The abandoned apartment remained untouched for 15 years as customers had not been able to renovate it until then and had built another house on a neighboring hill. The property is well located but completely secluded, tucked away in the countryside. Taking into account the aesthetic constraints and wishes of the customers, the MA House was designed as an intimate refuge that is in harmony with the architectural history of the region.

The existing structure was carefully broken down into phases, but the footprint and envelope largely corresponded to the proportions of the old farmhouse. More than a simple reconstruction, this house was thought of as a renovation that emphasizes the quirks of the house and gives voice to the careful craftsmanship. A muted, neutral color palette creates a calm atmosphere in the home, while materials like stone, wood, and soft fabrics add to that feeling.

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