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Seats That Remind Of Clouds

I think I just found the most comfortable and softest furniture to rock in my home! British design studio Faye Toogood presented a new range of modular seating furniture that is sure to inspire you to buy it for your home too.

The collection, titled ABCD, includes four oversized pillows shaped like the first four letters of the Latin alphabet. Due to the ingenious, yet very simple mechanism developed by the studio, Faye Toogood’s cloud-like cushions can be easily assembled into a soft and comfortable armchair with the help of a simple robe, or shaped into a legless modular sofa. The cushions are padded with canvas made by a Japanese brand. This canvas is durable and thick and is sure to serve for a long time.

The entire collection consists of very comfortable furniture that invites you to relax – I’ve never seen anything so comfortable with such a casual design. What an amazing idea for any lounge zone – from a private household to a public one – and its modern, casual look easily integrates into most of these lounges. The collection will be on sale soon, so hurry up to get some clouds for your home!

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