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Sea Inspired Bathroom Decor Ideas

Ocean-inspired bathrooms are always pretty and pleasant as they are usually done in watercolors – dark blue, turquoise, and any other water color. Such a design will remind you of beaches, sunlight and seaside holidays. Check out those turquoise tiles, a boat bathtub, and pretty natural accessories – corals, starfish, sea urchins – isn’t that perfect? The nautical decor with boats and oars is great too, especially for kids who would definitely appreciate such a cool space. Below are more ideas on how to decorate your ocean and beach inspired bathroom.


What colors are associated with the sea or ocean? All blues and greens, grays, neutrals – choose and mix what you want! Powder and serenity blues make the room delicate and relaxing, right blues, turquoise, and green will brighten the room and improve your mood, and navy and white or gray is a classic color scheme for nautical spaces. If you prefer traditional decor, go for red and coral. If you like modern style, add tan, sand, and dark brown.


What you really need are tiles! Tiled bathrooms are very popular and you can use them to compose a bathroom of any style. Stone tiles in the colors and patterns you like cover the floor and walls or just a statement wall. Wood is also a must for a sea-inspired bathroom. Integrate it into furniture, dress up the bathtub and works of art. Woven items are welcome to add to the coziness of your bathroom – get some pendant lights and baskets for storage. If you’re minimalist, go with concrete – concrete vanities, sinks, or floors.


The choice of furniture depends on the style of your bathroom – shabby chic and vintage furniture for the bathrooms of these styles, modern and elegant vanity units for modern and minimalist spaces. Other pieces of furniture can include stools, tieres, and storage cabinets and should match the bathroom style unless it’s a versatile space. If you are versatile, prefer pieces of furniture in different styles and looks that fit. Some of these are vintage pieces and some are contemporary pieces.


Decorations and accessories make your bathroom more inspired by the sea. Bring jute rugs, woven items, seashells and starfish, sponges in bowls and baskets, potted greens and other plants. Pebbles will also be nice memories of beaches and seas. Check out the ideas below and get inspired!

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