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Sculptural Partition Walls

With the open layout trend, we are getting more and more open spaces and less and less privacy. To maintain that privacy, to divide the house into rooms and to highlight some areas, a room divider is the number one idea. It doesn’t divide the space so harshly, but does so gently and gently to create privacy if necessary. However, a room partition also affects the interior space and can spoil it if you take the wrong one. Do not worry! Today we share a stunning idea that is sure to make any decor stand out.

The Interlocking Blocks from ModularArts allow the installation of impressive sculptural partition walls. The durable, dimensionally stable blocks consist of natural plaster components. Installation is achieved through a steel bolt and rail system for fixings to both the floor and the ceiling. Similar to drywall, individual blocks butt and bond together via a reinforced filler – which enables the creation of a seamlessly shaped surface or a three-dimensional wall of almost all sizes. “

The styles of modularArts include the space-related “Apollo”, the “books” of the bibliophile and the convincing mod throwback “Clark”.

The partitions create a dramatic effect, making them ideal for dining venues such as upscale shopping malls, hotel lobbies and restaurants.

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