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Sculptural Lighting Collection

Lights and lamps can make a bold statement anywhere, even in the most neutral interior. The lighting collection we’re sharing today is a cool way to make a bold and chic statement about rock. Let’s look at that.

French designer Paul Mathieu has launched his latest collection of lighting designs, which includes two types of chandeliers plus a wall lamp. Aria is a modular chandelier made of hand-cast bronze and Murano reed glass. Beam is a design that combines handcrafted Murano glass with metal in a geometric style. The lamp is called Chateau and consists of Murano glass as well as a carved wooden stand and a tripod base. All pieces in the collection feature detailed craftsmanship and elegant shapes, and I love those metallic accents that make the look super elegant and gorgeous. Such lamps and chandeliers will definitely make your space more exquisite and add a wow touch to it.

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