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Screened Facade House Addition

In the lush suburb of Ivanhoe in Melbourne, Julie Firkin Architects created a modern addition, which was equipped with a patterned facade wall. The Elphin House got extra space in the back to accommodate the new kitchen, dining room, and living room, all of which extend to the garden when the nearly 23-foot wide doors are open.

On the living room side of the extension, the windows protrude at the height of the sloping ceiling so that natural daylight falls into the interior. To better control the sun without affecting the light, they designed an intricate screen with an algorithmic pattern inspired by foliage and textiles. Not only is it functional, but it also adds to the visual interest of the residence. The furniture is contemporary, there are black leather armchairs and a sofa, as well as chic, modern sideboards from the mid-century. Each zone is accentuated with powerful pendant lights that mark these rooms. Potted plants refresh the rooms and connect them with the outdoors.

The kitchen is fitted with white cabinets and shiny handles. The large kitchen island is almost against the sliding glass door and gives those who eat or cook at the bar the feeling of being outside. This kitchen island can be used for cooking as well as for breakfast and snacks. The entire space is open and connected to the deck, where the owners can enjoy sunshine and fresh air, and which is connected to the garden.

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