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Rustic House With A Volcano View

This beautiful home on the shores of Lake Rupanco in Entre Lagos, Chile has wonderful views. It is located at the highest point of the place, from where you can enjoy a view of the lake as well as the volcanoes in the distance. This alone is enough to create a relaxing and exotic ambience.

The house was designed by the architect Lucas Maino Fernandez. In total, it offers 343 square meters of living space, which is organized in such a way that residents can use the surroundings, but can also enjoy an intimate and inviting ambience. The house faces south, which brought a number of design challenges. For example, a large and continuous skylight had to be added to bring more natural light into the house.

The skylight is part of the northern part of the house and brings plenty of natural sunlight directly into the living and dining areas. These rooms are large and open, with exposed beams on the ceiling and a concrete fireplace that draws attention to the high ceiling. In comparison, the five bedrooms and their own bathrooms have lower ceilings, which makes them feel warm and inviting.

In addition to the cozy indoor areas, the house also has a number of outdoor areas such as a barbecue area, a large terrace and wooden decks on which the living areas and bedrooms can expand and connect with their beautiful natural surroundings.

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