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Round Pools

The open-air season has not yet started and summer seems far away – this is the time when we most lack sunshine and warmth and dreams of beaches, sea and pools are the most heartwarming. I decided that this is the time to inspire you with amazing pools to install in your own outdoor space for this summer and these are round pools.


Round pools, whether they are storage tanks or normal ones, are usually very compact. In fact, they’re spherical plunge pools, which means that even if you have a very narrow space that doesn’t seem to have room for a pool – it can be pushed in there! Such an option is now only a good idea for adults, but also a good idea for children – it’s a real kids pool itself! Second, round pools harmonize the space – a circle is the most harmonious shape, do you remember? Third, round pools look very eye-catching, they are bold and you won’t see them often in every garden, so your pools will definitely stand out.

How to style

A round pool doesn’t always mean you have to make it small – you can make it as big as you want. When you have enough space around the pool, build a deck or patio, set up lounge chairs and chairs, set up a dining area, add lanterns, lights, carpets and potted plants – choose any type of exterior decor and space you like and want to you see here. If there isn’t a lot of space, surround your pool with some greenery (maybe pot), trees, succulents, and make a tiny deck to step on or take a flight of stairs and that’s it. Take a look at the ideas we have gathered for you, put together your own round pool and have a great summer!

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