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Romanian Furniture Collection

Designers Mihai Stamati and Maria Bubuioc worked together on a project called Quintessence, which consists of a range of furniture inspired by traditional Romanian and Moldovan craftsmanship. The duo explored natural materials from their home countries (Romania and Moldova) and how they were used to support local manufacturers and create new, sustainable products with a story.

The local artisans they work with use skills that are passed down to their families from generation to generation. In this way, they keep the traditional techniques alive and help these families keep making a living. These techniques have been used to create a beautiful collection of furniture with a natural feel. The collection focuses on the use of textiles such as linen, hemp yarn, manually woven hemp textiles, reeds and feathers that can be combined with wood structures.

This furniture collection is a great idea for those looking for natural decor, eco-friendly materials, and handcrafted items. Every boho-chic and rustic room is played with this wonderful furniture collection in fresh colors. Check this out and get inspired!

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