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Rock Inspired Meditating Furniture

If you love meditation practice or just want to try it out, I have a cool idea for you. Since keeping your body in the correct position for long periods of time isn’t that easy, you can use cool furniture to make it easier.

UNDO rocks by Jordon Diatlo are exactly what you need to be able to meditate for as long as you want and totally enjoy it. Designed to keep the user’s body in an ergonomic position, they can sit close to the floor for long periods of time without discomfort.

UNDO is a pillow and a mat. The first was made with multiple layers of foam compresses while the user sits down and gently rocks them forward to align their hips and back. The shape of the pillow has been carefully thought out to avoid the hippie aesthetic often associated with meditation. With its playful shape and natural color palette, UNDO doesn’t look out of place any more than any other piece of furniture in the room.

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