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Retro Hues For Home Decor

All trends have been known to close again and again, which means that lots of retro accents and ideas can easily be incorporated into your home decor to give it a trendy feel. If you want to add a colorful touch to your home, go for some traditional retro hues like gold, burgundy, dusty rose, mint, red, and emerald. How can you combine them with style? Here are a few ideas!


Mint is an informal and very refreshing color that is often seen in vintage and vintage-inspired interiors. It is ideal for spring and summer and brings a happy mood. Think of it as a soft but eye-catching addition, a pastel colored statement and pair it with darker pieces for a contrast or with other pastels for a soft look. Mint is great if you want to add color to your room but don’t want to feel too light or bold.


Burgundy itself has always had a sophisticated undertone, but a richer, darker tone adds a mysterious vibe. Pair it with metallics for a sleek, fun take on this classic shade. Burgundy can also add a nice, colorful touch to any neutral or pastel colored room. This color is ideal for angular, atmospheric interiors. Mix them with black, dark gray, and plum tones and you get pure sophistication.

Dusty rose

Dusty Rose is a very old world color, a soft pastel shade that always gives the room a feminine feel. It can be used in light or pastel colored rooms for a soft, colorful touch, or you can add a soft statement to the monochrome room. Dusty rose is often used in fabrics – curtains, carpets, upholstery, which is a simple idea and such items can often be changed if you want.


Not only does this hue remind us of the 1960s for its boldness, but it is now becoming the perfect accent shade that brings it all together. For a softer look, choose a neutral room with magenta accents. For a contrasting look, go for darker colors and magenta accents. Since this color is very intense, sometimes just a few touches are enough: a magenta carpet, countertop, chest of drawers, a work of art or something else you like.

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