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Relaxing Outdoor Hanging Beds For Your Home

For relaxing outdoors, in the sunlight or, on the contrary, in the shade with a light summer wind, there is nothing better than a hanging bed. Lying, reading, talking and just sleeping – a soft hanging bed would be a great idea! It shouldn’t be too heavy, it can be single or double, with lots of pillows and pillows for maximum comfort. The main point is to hang it up so it doesn’t fall off. Modern designers present a lot of ideas and concepts that you can choose or just create yourself. Below are some nice examples of hanging and rocking beds that you can hang on your patio or in your garden. Have fun!

Choose your style

Your outdoor hanging bed should be a continuation of your outdoor decor – if it’s gypsy then boho and gypsy, if it’s minimal then minimalist and so on. Choose or tinker with the piece that suits your space – slim and simple for a modern or minimalist space, made of stained wood or pallets for a rustic room, prefer a stable and comfortable construction for the bed. Make sure your hanging bed is stable: on chains or thick ropes to support all of the weight you will be placing there.


To make your bed more welcoming, equip it with plush pillows and mattresses, add light or heavenly neutral sheets, printed pillows, and even a mosquito net if necessary. Add lights or place some lanterns to make the nighttime relaxation more quiet here, and place some citronella candles to avoid bugs. Let yourself be inspired and bring calm to your outdoor area with a hanging bed!

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