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Relaxing Garden With Ivy

If you are unsure of what your garden should look like and which design to choose, I have a great one to inspire you. This South Yarra, Melbourne garden by Kate Seddon Landscape Design is a beautiful place that looks so relaxing that you will never want to leave.

The hardscaping is done with crispy gravel and sandstone pavement, it’s a stylish and durable combination, and the pavement looks very natural, which makes the garden more cozy. What I totally love about this room is ivy that grows on the walls, which makes the garden look a lot greener and very relaxing – like an oasis. There is a pond covered with the same paving and surrounded by pebbles. This is another relaxing feature.

The garden furniture is all black, made of metal and wood, it looks timeless and does not impair the peace of the room, it does not distract attention from the green.

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