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Relaxed Coastal Island Cottage

Island Cottage, built in 1830, is located in the seaside village of Sidlesham Quay. Paul Cashin Architects renovated and expanded it and clad the old and new buildings with larch.

The renovation by Paul Cashin Architects from Hampshire aims to combine the traditional slang of the building with some contemporary design elements. The new wooden structure is directly connected to the old house and is located in a large garden behind the house so that it is not visible from the street. Traditional construction methods and materials were used to strengthen relationships with local architecture. The original facade was left simple, but the outer walls at the rear were all clad with natural larch boards.

As the old building had been expanded many times, the original house had become a maze of rooms and corridors. The renovation will simplify the layout. For the interior, the architects used natural materials from the surrounding coast such as flint and old wood. Vintage furniture and accessories collected by the owners from antique shops, flea markets, junkyards and online second-hand boutiques are on display throughout Island Cottage.

On the ground floor there is a library, a shower, two rooms and a long, open space with a kitchen and dining area. On the first floor there are three bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room. In the main living room, a corner window was let into the wall at desk height. Its shape was chosen because it looks like an open book.

Since Sidlesham Quay is in a floodplain, all new buildings had to withstand rising water and flood damage. The designers created a bundle of earth and building material and let grass reach over the surface. Another flood control measure is land drains attached to Sidlesham Quay itself to reduce surface runoff.

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