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Refined Table Of Glass And Marble

For the Mura marble design, the Mexican Bandido Studio used the history of the craft of the nearby town of Tecali de Herrera. Why this place? It is characterized by the artisanal work on marble and volcanic rock.

The bulbous black base of this table, which Bandido Studio is introducing at this year’s Design Week Mexico, was formed using a traditional technique developed by the stone craftsmen of the country. The shape and lines of the table are fluid and eye-catching. This teardrop-shaped basic shape impresses with its simplicity and elegance.

The marble rounds off at the bottom and then narrows towards the top like a drop of water and has a matte finish. It is available in two different heights, either 40 or 60 centimeters high. A round piece of smoked glass is attached to the top with a round piece of anodized aluminum. This is also black to continue the object’s color palette. Such a coffee table will make a stylish statement in any modern room.

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