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Refined Jolie Desk

If you are looking not just for a regular desk, but also for a nifty piece, almost a work of art that catches the eye with its lines and unique materials, then this is the one for you! It was made by a fashion design brand, a very famous one, so it is not surprising that the desk is a work of art.

The Jolie Desk by Armani Casa is made of dark elm wood and green leather. Jolie is characterized by a curved shape and a detailed construction – not only materials are unusual here, but also lines and shapes. In addition to the practical duo of drawers, the Jolie Desk has leather pockets on both sides with which you have papers and magazines practically at hand. Visible seams pay homage to Armani’s traditional leatherwork. Despite its French name, Jolie Desk is made in Italy.

The spirit of Jolie Desk is cosmopolitan and refined, a piece suitable for libraries and foyers – but beautiful anywhere, even in your personal home office if you feel like an exquisite and unique piece with some storage space for functionality!

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