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Refined And Elegant Apartment

This apartment is located in a mixed-use, brick-clad building facing the cutting edge of history, decorated by Portuguese furniture company De La Espada and design gallery The Future Perfect. The team set out to create a distinctive residence that exudes livable elegance.

The apartment is decorated in light colors to make it feel airy. Turquoise and teal accents make it brighter and bolder. Natural wood in bold spots is also added to make the rooms more natural.

The open public area occupies a triangular space with a light wooden floor and white walls. The space is furnished with an eclectic mix of furniture that aligns with the outside of the building and has a fusion of contemporary and classic elements.

The living room is furnished with a gray sofa that has a low back and brushed brass feet. Elysia lounge chairs and a portable end table made of wood and brass are arranged around the sofa. A focal point of the lounge area is the coffee table; The aluminum plate shows body parts that are hugging.

The kitchen has white cabinets, marble counters, and a pastel blue backsplash. The light tones are contrasted with a pair of chunky bar stools. The dining area is near a large window with ombre curtains. The wooden table and seating, including a high-backed settlement, is super chic and elegant.

In the bedroom, the team set up a bedside table and large chest, as well as a three-legged brass side table. One office has a desk and green chair, and ladder-style black walnut bookcases. The apartment has a number of lighting fixtures, including various pieces and hand-tufted carpets.

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