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Red Dot Chair That Looks Flat

If you like bold modern furniture with eye-catching designs, the piece we are sharing today is for you. It’s a bright, contemporary chair that can make a statement in any room and is super simple at the same time.

Vilnius-based student Gaudutė Zilytė’s Red Dot chair is as simple as a piece of furniture can be – it consists of two basic elements, a carcass and a seat itself. The object is pretty much what its name says. The base of black tubes, together with the red fabric that covers it, invites you to sit on it with its inaccessible depths of illusion.

Zilyt’s chair is made up of three components – the black pipe carcass, the wooden bracket to hold the seat in place, and the tight red fabric. The fabric looks flat from the front and is hooked through a loop on the rear tube, creating the shape of a cone so that a person can sit comfortably. Such a chair is great for making a statement with its color and its design is very original too. Let yourself be inspired!

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