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Rain Drops Pendant Lamps

Do you need some stylish modern pendant lights? No problem! The unique genius of Anoli – a pretty teardrop pendant from Denmark’s Nuura Lighting – is that he synthesizes the idea of ​​warmth and light with the iconic and fascinating shape of a raindrop.

The lamps are inspired by quiet drops on a rainy day and the unique Nordic light, which is most elegantly combined to create a flawless shape and look. Nuura is based on the unique nature of light in the rarefied Scandinavian climate, and Anoli exemplifies this beautifully – a flickering warmth in the midst of the darkness and poor light of the long winters in Denmark.

Anoli can be specified in any number of combinations – from sleek and simple individual pendants to grouped constellations in a compelling chandelier. Anoli is made of metal and hand-blown glass. It can be customized for both large projects and residential locations and can be hung as a single light or in clusters. Its modern and rather laconic appearance helps it to easily integrate into any contemporary space.

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