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Pull Off Neutrals In Home Decor

Neutrals are timeless and there are many homeowners who prefer them to contrasting colors. However, if you are completely neutral, you risk a boring interior. How do I avoid that? Here are some tips you can use to make your space relaxing and calming, but not overly typical.

Go camel

Going neutral doesn’t mean your space will get boring and still add a bit of neutrals without rocking colors that are too bright – go camel! The shadow itself is a perfect heightened neutrality that easily adds a lightening effect to the room. You can also use it as the main color of the room and add refreshing neutral colors like white and cream to it.

Try pastel colors

Another idea for creating a neutral interior with a touch of color is rocking pastels. Pastel colors are a hot trend in decor and outfits and they tend to be soft but add some color to the room. Add pastel colors to your space by placing furniture – chairs, a sofa, table, cupboards, or other items. An easier way to rock pastel colors in the room is to add textiles – curtains, pillows, bedspreads, throws, and blankets. When you’re ready for radical change, go for pastel walls or just a statement wall.

Textured walls

Neutral walls are a basis for any neutral room, but who said they should be sleek and plain? Make structural in neutrals for eye catching and interest, there are options for every room. You can try textured white or neutral wallpaper because wallpaper is trendy and a statement wall or anything made with such wallpaper will be beautiful. Whitewashed bricks and stones never go out of style, they are sure to bring a lot of interest to your home. Whitewashed wood can be used to cover not only walls, but floors and ceilings as well if it suits your decor style. Neutral tiles can be used not only in bathrooms, but also in kitchens. To make them stand out, you can use contrast mortar. Shaping is also on trend, and you can incorporate it into various interiors for an edgy, sophisticated touch. Let yourself be inspired and choose your perfect solution!

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