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Practical Garden Shed Storage Ideas

It’s spring and it’s gardening time! I’m sure almost every garden has a garden shed where you keep all of your tools, seeds, buckets, etc. What are the practical shed storage ideas to save space and keep everything organized? Of course, the most common idea is to store some cabinets, but what about making furniture out of wine or milk boxes? Attach baskets to the wall for storage space, use funnels for string and hooks to hang everything from shovels to scissors, and store seeds in large mason jars. Get more inspirational ideas below!


Shelves are classic units of storage and using open shelves for storage in your shed is a cool idea. They can be made from wood, plywood, metal, and other materials. Attach them to the walls or place them on the floor if they are oversized. Combine open shelving with other storage solutions that you see below.

Hooks, holders and racks

I can’t think of a garden shed without hooks and racks – they are extremely convenient for organizing your belongings and tools. Hooks, holders and racks can be attached directly to the walls or to the breadboard to make your room more variable and comfortable. You can hang tools, shovels, rakes, and many other things and add as many as you need to avoid wasting your floor space or shelves on those items.

Cupboards and tables

Why do cabinets and tables come together? Because both can be taken out of your old kitchen and converted into garden house furniture or not renovated at all – shabby chic is all the rage! Add open shelving under the tabletops or use the countertops of your cabinets for gardening. Attach some open shelves over the tables or cabinets and enjoy!

Other ideas

Attach breadboard to the walls and furniture, attach hooks and storage units to them. Take ladders, baskets, and wire baskets attached to the walls, classic tool walls, and other things that might work in your garden shed. Get inspired!

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