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Porthole Windows In Home Decor

Porthole windows are standard on ships and boats. However, they are now showing up in residential buildings. Because portholes come in a variety of materials and sizes, they can add a very unique touch to your home (both inside and out). But how do you know if a porthole is right for your home? Let’s look at some ideas to find out.

Where to place

Porthole windows have the ability to transform a seemingly plain space anywhere in the house into a unique space. And as a bonus, it can also give the nautical illusion of being on a cruise, and who doesn’t want to feel like they’re on vacation?

Bathrooms are the most popular spaces for such windows, but they can also be used to line the walls of a staircase. Not only can you let light in at the transition of levels, but you can also create the illusion of more space. Another fun place for them is the ceiling as round windows in the ceiling can create a fun illusion of the sun when the light shines through.

Many homeowners use porthole as a work of art. Depending on the landscape of your home, whether overlooking a beautiful beach or lake or city lights, a large round window can be considered a work of art and a focal point in any room, especially a living room.


However, there are a few factors that homeowners should consider before installing porthole. Porthole windows are fine as long as a homeowner is only using them for aesthetic purposes. They can look great with an appropriately themed room or home, but they don’t serve much purpose. The light brought in is minimal, they can’t let in as much breeze. Another problem is that they do not act as an exit window. In an emergency (like a fire), you’ll need a window that is big enough and low enough to crawl through. If you are considering a porthole, make sure there is at least one other larger window in the room.

There is also the problem that they look great on the outside of the house. They often look great in the room they’re in, but don’t match the exterior architectural style.

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