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Porch Patio Fall Ideas

Fall is here and I bet you are already decorating your home for fall and of course outdoor areas shouldn’t be forgotten. There are some cool rock ideas out there, and you might want to steal them for your porch, patio, and yard. They create a cozy atmosphere and make your outdoor area more inviting. Let’s look at them.

Patio campfire

Campfires are great for any season of the year, but especially autumn: it’s pretty cold and it’s very cozy to sit by the fire. You can greet friends and relatives here, have romantic dinners, and just talk and laugh to anyone you want. Create a cozy space with a fire pit. The first thing to consider is safety – this part of your patio should be clad in stone or brick. Pick a suitable material and then the style of your fire pit room, place comfy furniture, fall pillows and blankets, and let some marshmallows roast.

Outdoor bar

An outdoor bar is another great feature that you might want to add to your space: on hot days it will cool you down, on cold days it will warm you up. It can be a self-made wooden stand that you make especially for your patio, or a mobile bar cart on casters that you can bring back into the house when needed, or a nifty glass stand for a party or even a Murphy bar, if not available, not much space. Pick your favorite option and make hot chocolate there!

Invisible doors

Connect the indoor and outdoor areas as much as possible to feel closer and more relaxed to nature. Opt for folding or sliding doors that can be fully opened to merge two rooms into one. Folding doors and windows are currently one of the hottest trends. They can be a good idea to combine indoors with outdoors.

Hanging chairs

Hanging some chairs on your patio is a fresh take on a traditional hanging day bed or bench. It’s a cool and dreamy idea. Add some pillows and blankets, and a cozy conversation nook is ready!

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