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Porcelain Side Table Mimics Fabric

The Plisago side tables by Studio Besau-Marguerre show an unusual selection of materials paired with an aesthetic that is not shared by the material either. It’s a confusingly attractive combination, with your eyes asking what they’re seeing before your hands touch them to confirm your guess, all the while admiring its strange beauty.

The Plisago side tables are made of porcelain, a material that is completely foreign to furniture. The table also has a design that gives it the appearance of a fabric. Multiple seams and folds decorate the side of the table with their own imperfections created by special parametric software. Its tactile, textile appearance conveys the feeling of a tightly stretched, light fabric until you put your fingers on it, only to feel the cold touch of porcelain. It seems incredible at first, but the designers managed to cast such a large porcelain model, which requires engineering, know-how and a high level of trust and risk. The fact that the designers managed to pull this off is in itself an award-winning achievement, while the tense, fabric-like, unconventional shape of the Plisago certainly deserves its own awards too!

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