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Popular Christmas Decorations You Should Try

Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming holidays and today I want to inspire you with the five most popular decorations that no Christmas can do without.

  1. Christmas wreath. Its shape symbolizes the wheel of life with no beginning or end. Ornaments, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, dried oranges, and snowflakes – you can decorate your wreath with almost anything you have.
  2. Socks. We all know that children hang up their stockings so that Santa Claus can leave presents in them, and so this accessory has become a cool and cute decoration.

  3. Potpourri. This cool mix can help you create a Christmas ambience due to the fantastic smells. Mix together cinnamon sticks, dried citrus fruits, nutmeg, cocoa, pine branches and other pieces to create that amazing holiday smell and add essential oils if needed.

  4. Candles. Candles in any type of candle holder really create an atmosphere! My favorites are homemade in orange halves, they are really Christmassy.
  5. Pomanders. These are aromatic balls made from oranges and cloves, and their manufacture can become a Christmas tradition in any family. Hang them up or put them in bowls and enjoy the scents and looks.

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