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Pool Fence Designs

If you have a pool, you might not need a fence until you have a few pets or kids then it becomes a must. You can get some neighbors too, and for some privacy and hiding from all eyes, a fence is a great idea. What types of pool fences can you try?

Green hedge around the pool

Green hedges or tall wall units are perfect for those who want some privacy: they prevent your neighbors from looking at you and you still don’t feel like the space is somehow limited because the wall units are softer than any other fence. They can also work as animal and child safe if they are big and solid enough.

Glass pool fences

Glass pool fences are the most popular. You divide your outdoor area gently without setting very strict boundaries. However, they are child safe and pet safe. They can be frameless, with frames, metal brackets and various gates. Such fences look very modern and chic, they are ideal for any type of garden.

Metal pool fences

Metal fences are the safest for children and pets. This is a guarantee that no one will enter the pool area without you. Choose metal posts or grids so it doesn’t look that heavy or bulky and the frames shouldn’t be too thick.

Wooden pool fences

Wood is another cool idea for making a pool fence. Just try wooden posts or beams or picket lines to make it look softer and more easily blend in with the landscape. As with metal parts, you can add greens and greens so as not to make it look weird or too bulky.

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