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Pink Black Bedroom Decor Ideas

Black and pink are an amazing combination of colors that are usually used to create girly or just very sophisticated spaces, and today I’m going to share some ideas for rocking both colors in a bedroom.

Styles and colors

Pink has tons of shades to choose from and like all pastel colors, it’s timeless. There are blushes, light pinks, dusty pinks, pink and even fuchsia – a whole range of shades to try, black can be warm or cold and that’s it and I can say that any black goes well with any pink. Choose your shade of pink depending on the effect you want to create and mix it with black. Decide how much of each color you want to use. You can add neutrals or white to freshen up the color scheme, choose navy or gray to add a play of shades and a moody feel, or bring in silver and gold for a glamorous feel.

What styles can be used with such a color scheme? Modern glamor is the most popular idea, although you can use these colors to create a minimalist, contemporary vintage and even a country bedroom. Atmospheric, refined bedrooms and purely girlish rooms are often designed in these colors.


You can choose black walls for a moody space or limit yourself to just a black accent wall. Pink walls are welcome too, and you can try color-blocked ones in pink and black – it’s up to your and your decorating style. Think about the furniture – will it be all black or do you bring some pink pieces too? Textiles like bedding, carpets, curtains, and upholstery will help you stick to the color scheme.

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