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Pinecone Centerpieces For Fall And Thanksgiving

Pine cones are so natural, cozy, and durable that I can’t name a piece that is better suited for fall and winter decor. It’s a cool idea to leave them as they are, paint or glitter, and then all that’s left to do is arrange them the way you want. Take a nice vintage stand or cool bowl and fill it with pine cones, pumpkins, fall flowers, leaves, pomegranates, moss and so on. You can just take pine cones, just kind of paint them, glitter and add a candle. You can also make a wonderful table runner out of pine cones and leaves. Pine cones give your table an enchanting natural and rustic look that is suitable for any occasion and holiday.

Stand / trays

Choose a base for your centerpiece based on the style you want: a clear glass vase goes with many styles, but looks more modern than anything else. A vintage porcelain stand or silver platter goes well with a vintage table landscape. A wooden or dough bowl is ideal for rustic rooms. Think outside the box and get yourself a bell, jar, glass bowl, or any other piece you like.


What can you combine pine cones with? Add squashes or gourds (artificial or natural), berries and vegetables, also artificial or natural, fresh fruits like apples and pears that give the room an autumn feel, acorns and nuts for more texture, citrus fruits and antlers, lights, candles and Flowers when you feel like it. If you want your centerpiece to last longer, then go for all of the faux ingredients. If you don’t care, give preference to fresh items.

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