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Photo Accent Walls

A photo wallpaper is an oversized photo that takes up the entire wall or multiple walls and looks fairly realistic. Photo wallpapers are a modern and cool way to make a statement in your interior. These are usually self adhesive wallpapers that you can choose to create an effect. Today I’m going to post the most awesome photo wallpaper accent wall ideas that will inspire you to create one in your home right away. Let’s start

Merge with nature

Choosing wall murals with natural features is a hot trend as we big city dwellers can feel nature and relax as if we were there. No need to go anywhere, no need to pack your bags – just step into your room and step into a forest, beach, or river bank. This is an amazing way to relax and forget about your problems. Just choose your favorite landscape and create your private relaxation zone. The best rooms for this are bedrooms or living rooms. You can also relax in your bathroom. Just place your mural so you can see it while you bathe. I also highly recommend trying beach and seaside art pieces to help you relax without going to the beach. These can be your own photos from the previous vacation printed on sticky wallpaper.

Flower photo murals for girlish rooms

Do you have a girlish room? No need to fill it with pink or rock accents and floral fabrics, there is one more idea that can turn your space into a girly one without all of those hackneyed ideas. One of the hottest ideas for decorating a feminine space is a floral photo wallpaper. Just choose your favorite black and white or color blooms and display them on a wall. It will add a stylish accent without effort, and your interior will be personalized and really delicate.

Make a statement

Wall murals are created to make a bold statement or accent. Pick your favorite pictures to display on the walls. Make a bold statement in a simple entrance area with a cool photo wallpaper, it cannot match your decor theme, just choose an impressive picture. A boring dining room can be accentuated with a black and white photo mural that can be an eye catcher while dining. The simplest bedroom can be turned into a super cool one with just a photo wall behind the headboard. An Eiffel Tower mural gives any room a chic and sophisticated touch. In addition, selected photo wallpapers on the right visually expand the room. Take a look at the murals.

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