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Penthouse With Industrial Touches

This bold contemporary penthouse is called Penthouse PK43 and was designed by Blackhouse’s creative team. The modern space offers some industrial accents and it lacks neither warmth nor comfort.

The designers warmed the raw rooms with oiled wood and natural materials such as leather and felt. Concrete surfaces stand opposite the smooth white plastered walls and create a striking visual contrast. Industrial references are visible and are minimized by the variety of textures.

When you enter this penthouse you will see an impressive open plan living room and kitchen. In combination, the rooms remain visually divided. Floor-to-ceiling windows let daylight into the apartment and underline their design contrasts.

The kitchen is fitted with white subway tiles, black metal furniture with stone countertops, including a kitchen island. To freshen up the space, the designers hung a framed cube over the island and placed some potted green there. The master bedroom is a real oasis with wood on the walls, floor and ceiling. Long curtains fall over the black-framed windows and create both a feeling of privacy and a visual connection with the living areas. The bathroom was kept in white and provided with some light wood elements. The lights are laconic and white, the storage rooms are closed. Check out the pictures of this gorgeous home below!

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