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Pendant Lamps Of Concrete

Concrete is a popular material for home decor and is widely used to cover walls, floors, ceilings, and even to make furniture. Lamps and lights are no exception, and you can find a variety of concrete lamps that will make a cool modern statement. Confidence is one of them.

First launched in 2010, Aplomb is a concreted stunner of a light piece. The obvious solidity of form and material creates a fascinating contrast to its size and function. Aplomb has energy-saving LED technology – a longer lamp life reduces maintenance requirements and increases the value of eco-efficiency and minimal use of resources.

Just in time for autumn, the designers Lucidi & Pevere and the manufacturer Foscarini have announced a new version of Aplomb, a fascinating hanging lamp that is now available in autumn. The new colors include sand yellow, brick red and olive green, shades that complement the existing organic hues of raw concrete, ice white and earth brown – they are really autumnal and bring that feeling to your space.

Aplombs juxtaposition of different elements – light and heavy, refined and industrial – gives this lamp a unique personality and impressive aesthetics. You can use just one lamp or rock them in clusters for more light and a more noticeable look.

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