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Parisian Chic Living Rooms

Parisian chic is a unique and short-lived thing that is very difficult to recreate: while very sophisticated, it is very effortless. Parisian houses tend to be eclectic and casual, but always with a sophisticated feel. Such spaces never go out of style and are totally loved. How can you recreate this unique taste at home? There are some elements that are characteristic of Parisian chic and when you include them you get such a space.

White walls

If you want to create a truly Parisian space, white walls are a crucial element. The combination of high ceilings – if you have them – and pure white walls makes the room look light, airy and classic, no matter what else is in the room. Such a combination will set the right tone in the room.

Hardwood parquet floor

Hardwood parquet is decidedly Parisian. Wood goes well with all colors and types of decor, while the parquet design gives the floor a little restrained flair. Choosing a dark spot gives you a chic contrast with white walls.

Detailed moldings

A classic element for a Parisian living room are large and small moldings. These can be included wherever you want: crowning the walls, above the baseboards, around the fireplace or on the ceiling. It’s about designing the walls neutrally in order to give character and not limit the potential for decoration. Whether you use moldings on the ceiling or not, a ceiling medallion is the ideal accent to highlight another must-have on the list: a chandelier! The moldings you choose can be straight and streamlined, or more ornate, depending on what suits your personal style.

Refined chandeliers

As mentioned above, a sophisticated chandelier is a must for a chic living room in Paris. Not only does it give a sophisticated feel, it also balances out the space. If the furniture is modern and the space relies on other elements for an antique touch, a beautiful vintage style chandelier can spice up the room in the right way. If the living room is dominated by older furniture, a modern chandelier can make the room feel like the right French mix. If you hesitate, choose crystal that you can never go wrong with.

Outstanding fireplace

Make your fireplace stand out. A distinctive surround and a stylish mantelpiece take a simple fireplace to a new level. The large mirror – another common element in Parisian decor – completes the look. Moldings, decorations and a raised ornament add to the overall ambience.

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