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Parisian Bedroom Decor Ideas

Classic, effortless and chic are just a few examples to describe the style of a Parisian and the way they decorate their homes is no different. If you follow us, you may have seen us share ideas for decorating living rooms and bathrooms like a Parisian, and today’s roundup is dedicated to the most sacred place in every home – the bedroom.

Rock lights

Parisian houses are all about light shades: keep walls and curtains a calm white and add small, muted colors, although it is not necessary – you can keep everything neutral. You can opt for a wooden floor clad in a dark herringbone pattern that contrasts the walls and looks cooler.

Mix styles

It’s fantastic to mix modern and traditional styles in an unobtrusive way. While we may not all have high ceilings, antique fireplaces, and wooden herringbone floors like many French people, it’s an easy way to mix your classics with more urban pieces like brightly colored plastic chairs, fun carpets, wood in need, unusual lamps, or art prints to create the versatile one Look and add a bit of playfulness.

Add antiques

The French are known for their flea markets. So it’s no wonder that the Parisians have mastered a rustic look full of character and yet achieved elegance. Try buying an antique statement like an office, a chandelier, or even an iron bed frame as the centerpiece of the room. Compliment with soft, feminine furniture like ruched beds and silk curtains.


Parisians know how to beautify and almost always have a vase full of flowers, scattered literature or a beautiful rug somewhere in their house. Perfect for that laid-back, laid-back look that we all envy. Place an exposed clothes rail or stack of books on the floor. Even adding seating and faux fur to your bedroom can blur the line between rooms for that apartment feel. Find more great ideas below to make your bedroom look like it’s in Paris!

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