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Parisian Apartment Family Cat

When designing the Sacha apartment in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, the SABO project used simple materials like Baltic birch plywood, white resin and original concrete for a clean, family-friendly space. The design included the combination of two identical, overlapping apartments into one, with the lower floor housing the bedrooms and the upper floor becoming the social space.

The upper upper level was designed with an open floor plan, the rooms of which are only defined by the change in material. These are the same three materials that are used throughout. In the living / dining room furnishings, white resin covers the floor under the dining table, while birch is the flooring material on the living room side. A sea of ​​birch cabinets and shelves surrounds the table with selected books and objects that add color to the room. A breadboard wall covers the opposite side of the living space with adjustable shelves that are used to store the family’s jewelry.

The architect did not forget the family’s beloved cat, but designed access cutouts that let the cat run around regardless of whether the doors are closed or not. His own home is in one of the kitchen cabinets behind one of the cutouts. The spiral staircase includes a security door to keep the cat on the main level.

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