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Pack Horse Chair With Storage

We are always looking for more functional furniture to save space and get more for less. Today we’re sharing another piece of this type – a very functional chair by Michael Copper.

In addition to a built-in bookcase, the Pack Horse chair also has straps to hold a blanket in place and side compartments to keep various items in place. Although books are shown, you can put some snacks in them like fries and cookies. You can even hide more snacks – maybe the ones you are more ashamed of – in a hidden compartment under the seat, covered in green felt. Or you can use it for more practical elements like sketching tools. There is a matching blue blanket roll behind the seat, which can be unpacked and used to cuddle the chair.

The chair is made from light wood and finished with yellow and blue felt for a bold and contrasting touch. It’s a good idea for both indoor and outdoor use and could even be a portable chair if it can be easily disassembled. Everything in this design is simple, but absolutely practical and cool!

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