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Outdoor Pass Through Window Ideas

A kitchen walk-through window was originally made to help maids and butlers serve food in other rooms. Today, serving food and drinks outdoors and indoors is a great idea. As the outdoor season is starting, I think it is a must to design an outdoor window like this if you have an outdoor area. What are the best window designs for such a goal? Just take a look.

Foldable windows

A foldable window is the best idea to open your kitchen to the outside and make your bar or breakfast nook comfortable. It is very convenient to use and you can open all or part of it due to the folding windows and fold it into a very small piece, which is great for a small space. Add a tabletop the size that fits and voila!

Garage style windows

A garage-style window is another convenient way to open up the space to the outside. Make one or more and line them with a windowsill outside. The only downside is that it takes up some outdoor space. So if space is small this is not your option. Add some comfy chairs and go!

Roll up and slide the window

Sliding and rolling windows are also convenient to use, although they do not store heat in the house very much. Here you can regulate the amount of opening your kitchen opens to your liking, and a sliding or rolling window saves a lot of space, which is important when you are tight.

Usual Windows

Ordinary windows can also be lined up with window sills outdoors, and while they are not as convenient for lifting food and drink, they can still be used. The only disadvantage of such a window is that it takes up a lot of space. You don’t need to make any changes here – just attach a windowsill and go eat!

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