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Outdoor Daybeds For Siestas

Summer is in full swing and the only thing better than eating outside is sleeping outside! If you enjoy taking a nap during the day or just relaxing and reading a book in the evening, a real outdoor day bed is just the thing to create your own personal oasis of relaxation. Which day beds to try out? I’ve put together a few ideas that you might like. Take a look!

Forged day beds outdoors

Forged and metal daybeds are perfect for outdoors for one obvious reason: metal is very durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. An elegant forged bed of any color easily fits Moroccan, Gypsy, French landscapes and vintage exteriors, adding chic to its vignettes. Depending on your style, equip the daybed with colorful pillows and pillows with floral prints.

Wooden day beds outdoors

Wood is a timeless material and very versatile because there are different types of wood. Of course, it’s not that durable and won’t withstand harsh weather conditions as well, but you can at least try some suitable surfaces to extend its life. Wooden day beds can be made from wicker, rattan, bamboo, teak, oak, and many others. There are tons of designs available, from the very minimalist to ornate and carved for boho spaces. Add more pillows to your daybed to make it inviting, and possibly add prints and colors to the rooms.

Other outdoor day beds

Contemporary and minimalist daybeds are made of different materials to make a statement with their appearance. You may find catchy, cradle-like daybeds and simple, modern ones – choose what better suits your outdoor space!

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