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Outdoor Bathroom Ideas

We just discussed some outdoor showers and style options. Today’s post is aimed at those who want a longer and more relaxing experience, and those of you who want a bathtub. How to style an outdoor bathtub, how to maintain privacy and what are some cool ideas? Let us begin!


Privacy is one of the top concerns when designing an outdoor bathroom because you want to be as comfortable as possible there. There are many ways to achieve comfort and privacy in your outdoor bathroom, and you can choose anything that suits your style. Maximum privacy is a private courtyard walled on all sides – there is nothing cozier than that, though you may be missing the view. Another way is not to rock very high walls or screens around the bathtub, they can easily be made by yourself. Cover the bathtub with old shutters if they go with your outside space. If you don’t have time to build something, or don’t want a lot of fuss but still want privacy, add curtains around the bathtub.


As for the decor, there are many styles and ideas that you should try: minimalist, tropical, gypsy or boho, vintage, industrial and much more. You can choose what you want. Here are some ideas for a decor that will suit any room and style. To give your outdoor space a spa-like feel, you can put pebbles on the floor, install a wooden deck or tile over it. Potted green enlivens any outdoor bathroom, even the most capricious and laconic. Lanterns or various pendant lights illuminate the room and make it more inviting, which also means more relaxing. Enjoy!

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