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Original Boho Chic Dining Room Designs

If you have a bohemian kitchen why not make your dining room bohemian? It’s a chic style with lots of details and accessories, colorful patterns and furniture. And again the variability of the bohemian style is surprising! Start with the color scheme: choose a combination that you like or just create a neutral scheme – gray and white. Patterned walls are welcome! Choose furniture now – everything is suitable from exquisite glass tables to rough wooden furniture. Add in colorful fabrics like curtains, rugs, table runners and pillows, as well as some accessories like candle holders, nifty lights and works of art and voila – done!

What styles can you combine boho with?

The boho style goes well with modern, gypsy, eastern, rustic and even mid-century Scandinavian styles – you can choose any touch for your boho space. Rustic accents bring coziness, gypsy and eastern accents make your room bolder and wilder, modern mid-century accents make the room more elegant and Scandinavian elements polish the look with natural accents and a neutral color scheme.

Materials and colors

Rock a lot of wood, rattan and wicker elements, choose jute, stones and other natural materials that you like. Add faux fur covers and carpets, hang some metal candlesticks or Moroccan-style candle lanterns. As for the colors, the boho dining rooms are usually kept warm in earth tones to maintain a pair of modern and mid-century boho styles. They’re super colorful if you like gypsy influence, or monochromatic and neutral if you prefer Scandinavian elements.

Furniture and decor

Rock rattan chairs, a wooden table with a living edge, basket lamps and lights. The rest of the furniture is up to you and the style you want to combine with boho. Popular boho decorations are potted greens, decorative plates, jute and Persian rugs, beaded candlesticks and macrame.

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