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Origami Chair

More and more designers are being inspired by origami and are creating cool modern pieces of furniture that can be folded or are reminiscent of this famous art of folding paper with their designs. The piece we share today is one of those things: it’s inspired by origami art, and its looks for sure say it.

The origami chair by Uria Graver translates the language of folding paper into a sharp, geometric seating solution made of metal. The minimal number of folds creates a three-dimensional structure that weighs the human body. The structure is supported by a metal tube that is perfectly bent to follow the shape created by the folds. The designer wanted to show the cold feel of the metal and so it was important to keep it instead of hiding it, so she managed to keep it.

Such a chair is a great piece for any modern or industrial space and will stand out for its creative and chic design and give the room an edgy feel. Hurry up to get a piece like this for your home!

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