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Organic Futuristic House

House In The Landscape by the Russian company Niko Architect is an organic, futuristic residence integrated into an artificial landscape in a village outside Moscow. Taking into account the restrictions on visual contact with the outside environment, the project envisages the construction of a private zone with a landscape, a shaped terrace and an adjacent body of water. The house, developed from the outside in, is connected to the outside space and forms a continuity of the mutual flow of the landscape into the building and the building into the landscape, reinforced by a green roof on which there is a garden with wood and herb plants.

Niko Architect organized the interior according to the principle of integrating the “home gallery” into the living space and used the building frame as a background for decor and art, sculptures, decorative elements with hidden Japanese themes and symbolic shapes. Each piece of furniture is interpreted as a work of art, while art objects also function as zone elements in living and non-living spaces and track the direction of movement.

The common living space is divided into three zones: a kitchen-dining room, an open area with a fireplace and a coffee corner. The kitchen is optically separated from the main living area by a partition wall with a round hole, which reinforces the continuous dialogue between the zones and points to the classic symbolism in Japanese culture. The open area also has a round, almost closed shape and is the compositional core of the interior, which symbolizes two balanced halves – yin and yang. The lighting is not only organized functionally, but also part of the organic architecture, emphasizing the architectural features of the building.

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