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Ondus Bath Digital Automatic Faucets by Grohe

The German company Grohe is known for its luxurious bathroom furnishings. Your collection this year is like a revolution in the bathroom world. The combination of traditional sensual minimalism, digital automation and colors makes their Ondus collection very impressive.

The collection consists of shower, bath and wash basin mixers and fittings. The modern look and trend predictions helped with the choice of colors. The faucets are available in Velvet Black, Moon White, Starlight Chrome and Frosted Titanium.

The automated functions of Ondus enable a simple one-touch interface for operating your bathtub or shower. A symbol-based user interface digitally facilitates effortless operation. You can use the interface functions to save your personal settings such as temperature and duration.


If you want to learn more about how the Ondus collection was created, watch the video interview with Paul Flowers from GROHE:


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